April 2014
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How Bad Is It

Whenever I think my small problems are bigger than they really are, I look around and I can always find someone who has it worse than I do. The loss of a child, an incurable disease like cancer, homeless, crippled or broke. So many accidents and disasters in the world that we should really take time to be thankful and grateful for the minor problems we face. So I’m really sorry if I offend anyone because I can’t tolerate whining, crying, blaming and complaining over things that are not life threatening. If it’s really that serious to you…..then do something about it. I hate EXCUSES with a passion coming from anyone even my own kids. We are so blessed to live in this country and our worst of days is nothing compared to some other countries. If you don’t like the government, run for office. If you don’t like the public schools, open up a private/charter school. If you don’t like where you live or your job, move or get another trade. Stop saying in one breath how “I can do all things through Christ” and then you do nothing. If you really believe that then prove it.
I am grateful for my good days and my bad. The fact that we all have choices and if you want to keep it that way then STOP….THINK ABOUT IT and DO BETTER TO GET BETTER. AMEN

The Decision to Join Network Marketing

Now that you’ve made the decision to join a network marketing company, there are a few things you should do. The Network Marketing industry can be a great experience as long as you are prepared for what lies ahead.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself what your level of committment will be. It will not be the same for everyone. You’re looking to do something different and perhaps to make some extra money, but that will come only after you take the right steps to success. Take out a calendar and note what your day currently looks like. Do you have a 9-5 job, are you a full time student or are you unemployed. We all have the same 24 hours but they are spent differently by each of us doing different things. It is important that you put a pen and paper to the hours of your life. For the next month, it would be a great idea to see how you spend your day. Even with modern technology, I still prefer to use a written calendar to see exactly what I’m doing. My “At A Glance” calender allows me to write down my day in 15min increments. I write down everything in that book. It’s like keeping track of your money. We all balance our checkbooks…right? It’s the same thing with my time. It will get away from you if you don’t keep track of  it. When you get people who tell you they don’t have time to do this business, you can give them this daily task to see how they are spending their time. Most people have no idea where the hours of the day go. For example, “The Principle of Time” can show whether you are actually making the amount of money that you say your time is worth. So if you say that your time is worth $100 an hour, then prove it. Show in writing that each hour you are doing something that values your time at $100 an hour.

We can talk about it or be about it. The reality is most people have no idea how they spend their time or the value of that time. So today, make the decision to take control of your life and time. This task if done correctly will guide you toward the success you are looking for in Network Marketing.


Every day is a new opportunity to grow and make a change for the better. Or if you choose to stay stuck…you can remain EXACTLY the same. Nothing like having choices

Please answer this question

I have a question that SHOULD make you think. Why do people pay for car insurance every month, get nothing out of it unless they have an accident but don’t complain about that. Why do people pay for life insurance every month so that it can benefit someone else after YOU die. YET…we show you how you can pay $100 to run your own home based business, get tax write offs, reduce your liability, save money…manage money and maybe even make some money….BUT you don’t get that? Not just in WakeUpNow but in ANY home based business that can give you value…..Why is that people….Put a pen and paper to it and explain your logic PLEASE!!!


If you don’t like the President, run for office and make a change. If you think people are in such bad shape, join Al Sharpton or start your own Fight the power group. If you think there’s nothing on TV…then turn it off. If you think people need to be saved and more religious than become a Preacher. If you think America is so bad…then get out or do something to fix it. Some social media is not to be taken so seriously…..it’s for fun, business and socializing. Stop being a scardy cat and go into the real world and make some changes if you’re so passionate about that. Some of us on here are having fun a making money showing others how to at least do soemthing different. IF I HAVE OFFENDED YOU. WE ARE ON TOTALLY DIFFERENT PATHS. If I’m living in a fantasy world, it sure pays better than the real world everyone keeps trying to get out of.

You Might Learn Something

I am often asked by friends and family why I enjoy watching shows like The Peoples Court, Dr. Phil and Iyanla Fix My Life. My response it that I believe there is something of value to learn from these shows. I think most of society is in pain, even though many like to pretend they are OK and that everything is going great in their lives, I think it’s a lie. Even though many of our friends may have the education, nice cars, fancy homes and high paying jobs…you can tell something is missing. Many are in dysfunctional relationships. Maybe they don’t think they are but if each of us are honest with ourselves…we could do better. However, you can only do better when you know better. That is why I love these shows.

You notice my list did not include any of the Housewives of…or the Basketball Wives, Ex Wives or Mob Wives. Although entertaining at times, I doubt anyone is having an awakening or growing spiritually from watching those shows. Even a cast member from Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada, has been a guest on Iyanla Fix My Life because valuable work is being done by Iyanla. She’s not going to get help being a better person on her show but Iyanla will definately require you to do the work and to “call a thing a thing.” I think Evelyn has grown a lot from what I can see. We all can stand to have some therapy in whatever form we can get it.

Over the years during my good and bad times, shows like Dr. Phil have caused me to put a mirror in front of my own face. One of the most important things we can do is self evaluation, but it must be honest. Many people are not honest when it comes to self. We can see what is wrong in everyone else except ourselves. I watch these shows because I think it’s important to be open to new information It’s important to look at life not just through our own lense, which is often blurred, but through the lense of those who have made a profession out of helping others. If we were our own judge and jury, would we really convict ourselves or be honest about the punishment we deserve? Of course not, but we are quick to judge others and give our version of correct and fair judgement. Although many go to church and think it’s righteous that God forgives our sins over and over again, we excpect others to be perfect and flawless. WWJD.

I continue to watch these shows for the same reasons that we bathe and brush our teeth daily, things get real funky when we don’t. It is something that I think deserves our attention daily. I don’t care if you went to therapy once or twice in your life, odds are you’re getting funky and could use a refresher course. We don’t have to agree 100% with these people who make a living helping others. You may criticize them and think it’s all for TV. The reality is they are just like the rest of us except they have decided to put the work in to attempt to give us something to think about. We should think about our actions on a daily basis and be open to hearing “another way” from those who have spent years focused and devoted to their craft. We’re all doing the best we can, but are we really doing the best if we fail to grow and continue learning how we can be better people. It’s often said that “I’m only human” How true that is but let’s stop using it as a crutch and do better because we want to be better.

I learn a lot from shows like The Peoples Court, Dr. Phil and Iyanla Fix My Life. There are some great shows on that offer an escape, but you can run but you can’t hide especially from yourself.


College is a great place to get educated and to expand your brain. With that being said, it should not be the end of your thirst for knowledge. We should remain curious and on the road to discovery. Many majors equip students to qualify for jobs, but others do not. I think if you can afford it, then by all means everyone should take the opportunity to experience college.

Unfortunately, many people stop educating themselves after they get their degree. It could be after obtaining their high school or college diploma that many people feel like they are finished and have learned all there is. This could not be farthest from the truth. Your journey to education has just begun. The difference in what you will learn for the rest of your life is really up to you because you are not being forced to go like we were in our youth. You’re not obligated like many feel they are because you have to pay student loans for college. So now any additional education you get is up to you and is self motivated.

It’s amazing to me how many grown people make statements like “I’ve never heard of that” or “That sounds to good to be true” I think that is a ridiculous statement. If you’ve been in school especially here in the United States and then you went to college here in the United States. Then you got a job right out of college and work 40-50 hours a week and maybe get two weeks vacation and still vacation in the United States. Then isn’t it possible that there are lots of things that you’ve never heard of or that might sound too good to be true to you. I mean, that is a fairly realistic portrait of most people’s life…..right? Unless watching what happens in the rest of the world is given to us accurately and honestly on the local news stations, then I might be mistaken.

Education is great for opening your brain, but you might need to put more information and experiences in it before you act as though you’ve seen it all because clearly if we take some personal inventory…..most of us have not.

I encourage you to keep educating yourself with knowledge especially about things you know little to nothing about. That’s the kind of education that could really open up the possibilites for you.


Wouldn’t it be great if all conversations came with this DISCLAIMER: What I am about to say is based on my opinion only. This is not based on facts. I will mererly speculate about what I THINK is true. I have no basis for what I think or say I just like hearing myself talk. It is your fault if you actually believe anything I say. I cannot and will not be held responsible for not checking my sources before I open my big mouth. You have been warned.


Our Journey with WakeUpNow: Dec 1st 2012. get a call from Mike Michael Ray Dec 20th . Meet Jason Elrod & Mike Ray with Gerald William Willhite at Cheesecake Factory in Sacramento. Feb 3 Fly to WakeUpNow Corporate office meet with Kirby Cochran. Feb 5th 2013 after discussing with each other, Gerald and I believe this is where we should be and where we can make the biggest impact in the industry….We sign up as distributors in WakeUpNow…No previous teams…I left the industry in 2010. Justin Hoffman hears Gerald has left his previous company…..here we grow. May 28th this call is made 7124321590 pin 204533# ref 23….here we grow…Brandon Boyd moderates the webinar on a Friday night for Seemore Green with over 300 people online while him and Gregory Perdriel and Antonio Johnson are in Puerto Rico. 6months later…ranks are hit…skipped..Julian Kuschner and we are ranked officially by MlMRankings the FASTEST GROWING MLM WITH 600% increase…..Instead of a team of 8000 with only 10 making a check….We have over a 1500 and less than 8000 on our team. History is being made and even more are catching the vision of SAVING MONEY IS MAKING MONEY!!!!! Stay tuned for Part 2

The Sweetest Revenge

Let me say this about all that. I don’t respond to critics of how I live my life now, then or in the present. Even though in 2010 when I left a certain company, I got a lot of heat/anger and rudeness. I do find it interesting the human nature of ALL people. When the bully is being a bully….those of us who were just minding our business were told to just ignore them. However, the minute you turn around and punch the bully in the mouth, now they cry foul. “You hit me when I wasn’t looking” The reality is people ony say “two wrongs don’t make a right” when they were the ones doing th wrong and getting away with it. If they were stuffing the “ballot box” they ony care if they get caught. JUSTIFICATION is what people use instead of the TRUTH when KARMA comes back to kick them in the teeth. HOWEVER….all this being said….THE SWEETEST REVENGE IS SUCCESS…..Wun love…Wun team…..let’s finish what we started and let our actions speak so much more than any words, videos, etc